The DunkinRunsOnYou Survey allows the company to fix any minute loopholes if there are any, and make sure that they are serving the customer with the best service. You can take the survey at


The main objective of this customer experience survey is to gather honest feedback from customers in order to improve our products and services. Dunkin’ Donuts values customer feedback and strives to improve its facilities to make them as customer-friendly as possible.

Official Survey or Get Assistance

By providing honest feedback, you can even earn rewards through the DunkinRunsOnYou Survey. Customer participation in the survey is extremely easy. Ensure that you have the Dunkin’ Donuts receipt from your most recent visit. A Dunkin Survey code appears on this purchase receipt. 

DunkinRunsOnYou Survey Participation Steps

Please follow these instructions to take the survey.

  • Go to to start your participation in the survey.
  • The first step to answering the survey is selecting the language in which you wish to respond. English and Spanish are the two languages you can use to complete the survey questionnaire.
  • Upon selecting the language, you will need to enter the survey code found on the Dunkin’ Donuts purchase receipt.
  • Once you have submitted the survey code, click on the Start button.


  • You can now take part in the official survey by visiting the survey page.
  • A number of questions concerning the food quality, the cleanliness of the stores, the behaviour of the staff, etc. will appear on your screen.
  • Please ensure that you answer the Dunkin’RunsOnYou survey correctly as your answers will impact the quality of Dunkin’ Donuts services.
  • Hit the Submit button once you have answered all the questions on the DunkinRunsOnYou Survey.
  • The validation code that you receive will provide you with the opportunity to redeem a free Donut.

As part of the official survey, you will be asked about food quality, service, recommendations, customer service, cleanliness, staff behavior, etc. William Rosenberg founded Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, Massachusetts in the year 1950. The world-famous restaurant gained fame worldwide. Furthermore, it has grown to a significant extent in 46 countries worldwide, reaching over 12,000 restaurants. Additionally, they have a revenue of about 1370 Million USD.

When you finish this survey, you can claim a free donut on your next trip to a Dunkin’ Donuts location. Therefore, this survey is a mutually beneficial experience for both parties, since the firm will receive a lot of feedback, and the customers will receive a chance to earn free rewards. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity, and fill the survey out following your next visit to the store.

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